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Giggin’ (at Orpheum Theatre)

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Boston tonight (at Massachusetts State House)

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We’re finally returning to Australia to play the Big Sound festival! Check the link out: …It’s real!!

We’re going to be announcing other dates around the country shortly.

This is too exciting.


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We’re going back on tour this spring! We’re partnering up with our friends ZEUS for the west coast dates, and doing a few shows in Ontario! See you soon!

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Oh yeah, this was our hotel room name in St Johns. The Lady Cove.

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Halifax, you get me every time…love Ralphy

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Good morning St. John’s!

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Ottawa for three nights!

Chatham turned out to be a really great time last night. Now, we’re off to Ottawa.


As everyone knows, Ottawa is easily one of the best places to play in Canada. We have the great fortune to be playing three sold out nights with the Sheepdogs at Ritual tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday- which is crazy because the Walking Dead is on that night.


Seriously. Ottawa will be hard to top for the rest of this tour. pUmP3d!!!

See you soon :)


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Chatham, Ontario

It’s just past midnight and we just finished our last practice in Toronto before we hit the road tomorrow/today with The Sheepdogs. We’ll play Chatham, ON first, which is pretty great for two reasons: We’ve never played there, and we don’t really know much about Chatham. So, we’re all going to take this opportunity to explore the foreign wonders of Chatham right now.

According to Graham and Brandon, Chatham is kinda near Sarnia. Let’s see if they’re right…

Ok, first things first: It’s called Chatham-Kent. We’ve all been doing the whole Chatham-Kent thing wrong. We can’t use the nickname unless we know it well. Since we’re visitors from another place, we have to use the proper name. Chatham-Kent. And it’s closer to Windsor, a place we love, than Sarnia- a place we also love. (Speaking of Sarnia, remember John? He played the lead bass with us for awhile. Well, outside of Paddy O’Flarety’s pub there’s a chemical river with a bunch of tug boats docked and one night, John got hammered, climbed to the top of the boat and jumped into the chemical river. It was really cool.)

Ok. So remember that whole thing about Chatham-Kent being the proper name and we can’t use “Chatham” or whatever blah blah blah? Well, according to Wikipedia, “Chatham” actually is right! It’s a municipality of around 40,000 within Chatham-Kent. So, I could delete that paragraph above and condense this blog entry to save Nick or Carly the extra minute, OR I could just keep going with this research. Option one.

So, since there’s not much on Wikipedia about Chatham, we’re going to learn about Chatham-Kent.  I guess Chatham-Kent is the merger of about six municipalities and like eighty communities in Kent County. This is getting really confusing.

Let’s talk about something more fun.

Chatham was founded in the 1790’s as a naval dockyard. That’s cool. The Battle of Thames during the War of 1812 also happened in Chatham. It has a really cool theatre built in the 30’s, sandy beaches, babes, hiking trails and probably a micro brewery. They also have a billion historic festivals that take place downtown every year. 

Wait a minute- I think St. Clair College Capitol theatre in beautiful downtown Chatham is the same thing as the theatre that I was talking about before! So, this is going to be a great trip. I love Chatham already.

Listen up werllddd: If you’re ever stranded in Detroit, Toronto or basically anywhere else in the world, check out Chatham. It’s historic, old, has two names, awesome and beautiful. How’s that for a travel brochure.

Oh yeah, it also had a sweet regiment band. 


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On tour with the Sheepdogs!

We’re about to head out on a cross Canada tour with our great friends The Sheepdogs! We start in Chatham, ON, go east to St. Johns and then head all the way west to end up in Victoria, BC.

We have nice new winter merch and a fresh new perspective on life, the universe and everything so be sure to come out and party down with us and our boys from the prairie lands.

Check out the tour section over at to see if we hit your town!